We make brands relevant.

People don’t like advertising. And they’re increasingly taking the measures to avoid it. Advertising can only remain effective when it’s relevant – in other words, informative, stimulating and entertaining. Or when it offers customers guidance and something they can identify with. We take the initiative to face these challenges head-on.

Ini – ti – a – ti – ve – our name says it all. We make brands and products relevant. We inspire. We simplify. We find opportunities. And we work to make you more successful.

With a consistent customer focus, leading media expertise, extraordinary inspiration and impressive purchasing power, we increase the impact of advertising by taking advantage of cultural insights. This is made possible by our own 5,500-person market research panel and special behaviour analysis tools.

We offer custom communication solutions that are tailored to your needs and will reach your target groups and have an impact. Try us out!

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We offer custom consulting. Experts from various disciplines develop individual communication concepts, cross-channel media strategies, special creative ad types and innovative lighthouse ideas. We advise you proactively and in a way geared to your needs.

Automation and fragmentation in the media landscape demand clear, creative brand management across all channels. A profound understanding of the target group, its media use and knowledge of the market, as well as the right mix of strategic and creative skills, form the basis for successful communication strategies. This is how we’ve aligned ourselves.

Founded by Unilever in 1986, Initiative has its roots in the FMCG sector. Today, we work internationally for highly respected companies and dynamic brands in all sectors, including some of the largest e-commerce providers.

Our commitment

Digital literacy is becoming increasingly relevant, particularly for children and youth. In early 2017, Initiative began working together with Digitalen Helden (Digital Heroes) on projects that include digital literacy among youth, data privacy and the fight against cyberbullying. The unique concept trains students to become mentors, who then teach what they have learned to other students and their parents.